universal racks

For versatile usage, we have developed universal rack systems with replaceable and partly adjustable crossbars and suspension frames. The base racks are mounted on the product carrier and have a fixture into which different part carriers can be inserted. This makes it possible to purify a wide range of parts on each base rack. The individual crossbars or suspension frames can be equipped with universal contacting for a special part to be purified. If individual crossbars are damaged, they can be replaced within a few seconds and the device can be put to full use again. Crossbars for new parts can be produced quickly and cost effectively.

By using entire suspension frames, the carrier stand time can be shortened considerably. When the part carrier with the finished parts comes out of the production line, the individual suspension frames are removed from the basic frame, and suspension frames which are already loaded with raw parts are inserted into it. The fully loaded carrier can thus be returned to the process cycle within a very short time.

Depending on the process, different coupling systems are available to accommodate the part carriers.