tilting racks

With some part geometries, there can be a problem with air inclusions and bath entrapments. This can be a major problem in the case of dipping parts. For these special requirements, we design and manufacture individual or universal tilting racks in which single crossbars or entire racks carry out a tilting movement. The two- dimensional and three-dimensional movement of the material in the electroplating bath also optimize the electrolyte exchange, thus ensuring a uniform coating. The drive is usually provided by a motor at the upper end of the rack, which triggers the tilting movements of the crossbars. With an additional control unit, the tilting speed can be controlled.

The power can be supplied either directly via the system or via separate battery packs. The battery packs are small, flexible and quickly replaceable. The current power level of the batteries can be read off via an integrated display.

To be able to use the movement of the goods with as many parts as possible, the tilting racks are partly fitted with universal coupling systems that enable the part carriers to be exchanged. So, different crossbars and carriers can be used.