galvanic racks

We produce frame racks and rod racks for all electroplating processes and production lines. Every device is individually tailored to the part requirements and customer requirements. Here, the type of contacting and the division of the product holder play a major role. We are happy to determine the optimum part arrangement for you in order to increase the productivity of your production line. If required, additional static or replaceable active or passive panels can be integrated. The racks can also be equipped with additional internal or auxiliary anodes. Depending on the plating process, platinum-plated titanium anodes, nickel, lead or steel anodes are used. A selection of ISOFAN® synthetic coatings are available to coat the racks.

Devices for automatic assembly are another area of galvanic rack construction. Here we work together with different system manufacturers and can respond individually to the requirements that are necessary for automatic assembly. With special coordinate levelling machines we are able to measure, level and control contact and part positions as well as whole racks, on demand.