production process

From idea to device

»Analysis and Consulting
In cooperation with our customers, we analyse every component precisely and identify the requirements of the construction. These findings form the basis of the construction and project work. Our customers also benefit from our longstanding experience.

»Contact Patterns
To construct an optimal holder for each part, especially for more complex parts, a part holder is simulated with the help of one or more contact patterns.
This makes it possible to quickly identify which type of contact is required, and whether this is suitable for the part in different situations. With optimal contacting, placement times can be considerably reduced.

»Construction and Dimensioning
Every device is tailored individually to the various parts to be processed, the product window of the production line, the respective coating process, and the surface-dependent current parameters. Our experienced technical engineers develop and design the racks with the aid of modern 3D-technology and can therefore not only simulate the optimal division of the product carrier, but also the motion sequences of tilting and turning racks. 3D-data of the components, provided by the customer also simplifies and speeds up rack construction. This allows an important time advantage and shortens production start-up.

»Component Manufacturing
Once the customer has given design approval, the production order is issued and is then entered into the production schedule. The order passes through various departments independent of each other during the production process. As the technological market leader in our sector, we have increased our degree of automation to the maximum. Our multifunctional special machinery park of CNC-controlled drilling and bending machines, in addition to state-of-the-art turning and milling machines, allow us to work cost effectively and guarantee constant and reproducible quality.

In our assembly department, crossbars are assembled from the finished components by our skilled workers. Once the component production and assembly are completed, the other materials are tailor-made in our stock management department. The assembly takes place in our welding shop in accordance with the drawing specifications. Continuous quality control ensures high standards.

»Synthetic Coating
The produced device receives a seamless and drip-free ISOFAN® synthetic or E-CTFS coating during an automatic dipping process, when needed. This insulates the device and protects it against chemical and mechanical strain. Only the contact points for the parts are left free of coating. This keeps the galvanic deposition on the rack to a minimum.

»Quality Control
Each production step of the rack is monitored and documented. Consecutive numbering and cataloguing guarantee an unproblematic reordering of the identical device, even after several years. Our company and our production processes are certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

»Delivery and Shipping
After a final quality inspection, the racks are released for dispatch. The delivery of the shipment is carried out using our own delivery service or a selected forwarder. Therefore, urgent deliveries reach our customers quickly and reliably. Customers in Switzerland benefit from our own cost-effective customs clearance. We provide this service as a matter of course.