We regard ourselves as a competent partner and process optimizer for the surface finishing industry. We advise our customers and develop an individual concept for each component to be refined.

The planning and designing of the device always has to take place ahead of production. Our in-house technical engineering department determines the optimum part holder as well as the number and arrangement of parts per rack. Depending on the surface treatment process, the necessary current parameters are calculated according to the surface to be finished, which have a significant influence on the dimension of the frames. Partial arrangements and entire product carrier situations can be visualized with the aid of our modern 3D drawing programs. In the area of tilting and turning frames the motion sequences of the two and three-dimensional movement of the goods can be simulated.

In many cases, no sample parts are available to our customers at the beginning of project planning. In order to be able to start early with the rack construction, we can import 3D-data provided by the customer into our system. This allows the rack construction to be started long before the first prototype exists. This process offers a significant time advantage and shortens the start of production.